spatial data visualization | research + development

We collect, interpret, and design spatial information.

Our research and development laboratory leverages years of expertise in architectural and urban analysis to solve spatial problems. We conduct research on architecture and cities, develop products and systems for analyzing spatial information, and create clear and compelling visualizations of spatial data. We offer a range of research and analytical services to help solve problems arising at the intersection of people, places, and technology.


Urban Open Data gathers the open data sites of cities and countries around the world into one place.

Parci: A Public Archive of Architecture and the City is a digital historical atlas of the world's cities. Covering hundreds of years of spatial history, Parci features historical street grids, building footprints, architectural details, and demographic data along with crowdsourced histories and stories of buildings and cities across history. Parci's fully-vectorized historical base maps engage publics in creating architectural history while also solving the main problems encountered when developing historical GIS projects.

DHxD: Data Humanists by Design brings together humanists, technologists, and designers through workshops, public talks, and other community events. Our next workshop focuses on teaching humanities scholars how to translate and visualize research questions for broad publics. Over the course of six four-hour sessions, participants will develop an interactive visualization of their research questions using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This introductory workshop requires no previous coding or design experience.The workshop will take place August 7-18, 2017 in Boston.